Meteorite Features and Benefits

Meteorite™, Meteor Ovens' proprietary refractory ceramic, is a simple yet comprehensive solution to a variety of problems faced by commercial oven manufacturers and their customers. Inconsistent bake times, sluggish recovery rates, uneven cooking, and cracked or broken shelves from daily use are among the issues that are addressed simply by switching to Meteorite shelves.

  • • Meteorite shelves for commercial ovens will radically decrease cooking times and increase output, especially at peak business hours.

  • • Meteorite refractory ceramics are an ideal surface for quick cooking, providing even heat in the optimum range for pizzas, most proteins, as well as many fruits and vegetables.

  • • Meteorite is safe for direct contact with any food and has passed all required standards of NSF/ANSI 51.

  • • Meteorite delivers quicker and more consistent cooking due to superior temperature uniformity across the entire shelf. This improves food color, texture and taste.

  • • You'll use less energy to reach and maintain desired operating temperatures because Meteorite heats up to 25% faster than comparable materials. Meteorite retains its heat longer due to superior emissivity. No need to keep your oven on all night for fear of not being prepared for tomorrow's lunch.

  • • Our product recovers heat faster between uses. This quick recovery time is vital to your operation during peak production.

  • • Shelves last longer, with superior resistance to cracking and flaking, even under extreme temperature changes

  • • Meteorite does not contain fiberglass.

  • • Deploy with virtually no oven downtime—shelves arrive pre-cured and ready for use. You can wash and install wet shelves directly into the oven without fear of cracking, off-gassing, or reduced longevity.

  • • Performs in gas, electric, propane and solid fuel (charcoal and wood-fired) ovens that use ceramic decks. Holds up to a direct flame; no steel liners are required.

  • • Meteorite will not break when exposed to liquids or steam even at temperatures up to 1200*F.

  • • Meteorite's low porosity reflects a moister product while still delivering a crisper crust due to its superior conductivity. Comparatively, cordierite's high porosity draws moisture from food, while fiber reinforced cementitious baking stones, though lower in porosity than cordierite, are far better insulators than conductors, resulting in lagging cook times and depressed refresh rates.
  • • We stand behind our products. Meteorite carries a one-year warranty against defects resulting from normal use.


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